LEGO Creator's Fantastic New Christmas Gingerbread House Set

My dream has finally come true! LEGO announced their LEGO Creator Gingerbread House 10267 today. VIP fans can buy it in September, and the rest of the Christmas-obsessed world can buy it starting October 1st.

The Christmas gingerbread house set comes with 1477 pieces (yikes!) It includes a Gingerbread Man minifig and a Gingerbread Woman minifig. Accessories include a Christmas tree, a baby buggy, a rocking horse, toy presents, and a snowplow. The top of the house is decorated with candy buttons and clever LEGO pieces that look like dripping frosting.

Inside the house, you can build an armchair, a bed, a bathtub and toilet, a night stand with lamp, and a cozy fireplace.

Let's watch LEGO's video announcing this fabulous Holiday set:

And here's a video on the LEGO gingerbread house from a fan site who got an advance copy to assemble:

If the LEGO Creator 1277 piece Gingerbread House is just too much work for you, there's a much smaller 277 piece LEGO Gingerbread House 40139 (via Amazon) that came out a few years ago.

I'm off to hint broadly and obviously to my boyfriend that this LEGO Creator gingerbread house is the only present I want to see under my Christmas 2019 tree!