Sur la Table's Spice-Themed Holiday Candles

Sur la Table is a legendary local Seattle high-end cooking store. I try not to walk in there very often, so I won't blow my nest egg shopping for their incredible cookware.

However, I might pop in to grab a couple of their holiday spice-scented candles. White Peppercorn, for instance, sounds intriguing and refreshing. It comes in a glass jar candle, travel tin, and a mercury glass votive filled with the White Peppercorn fragrance.

Another tempting spice-themed candle fragrance is Sur la Table's Cardamom Spice, a holiday candle that comes in a travel tin, mercury glass candle holder, and glass jar candle.

I might burn these in the kitchen, where herb and spice scents are welcomed, but probably not in my dining room, where I don't want fragrances interfering with the taste of the food and wine I'm serving my guests!