The Christmas Alphabet: S is for ... Stockings

Red and Gold Stocking by Valery Madelyn, on Amazon

Valerie Madelyn Gold Sequin Stocking, on Amazon

Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Northlight Cardinal Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Christopher Radko "Treasures Abound" Glass Christmas Ornament, on Amazon

Christopher Radko "Golden Gifts" Christmas Stocking Ornament, on Amazon

Christopher Radko "Stocked With Joy" Glass Christmas Stocking Ornament, on Amazon

Crafty Cooking Kits Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats, Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Lenox 2017 Santa Figurine Ornament Annual Santa's Stockings Teddy Christmas, on Amazon

Northlight Silver and Gold Glitter Striped Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Joyin Toy set of 12 Mini Christmas 3D Stocking Gift & Treat Bag Ornaments, on Amazon

Renovator's Supply Christmas Stocking Holder, on Amazon

Winter Morning Christmas Stocking, by Christine Grenier, on Amazon

Kurt Adler Red and Cream Knit Stockings, Set of 2, on Amazon

Santa's Reindeer Needlepoint Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Plaid Christmas Stocking, by Creative Co-Op, on Amazon

Santa Christmas Stocking by Stephen Joseph, on Amazon

Swarovski Santa's Christmas Stocking Ornament, on Amazon

Alice Doria Burgundy Christmas Stocking, on Amazon

Ceramic Holiday Butter Dish with Christmas Stockings, on Amazon

Santa's Belt Stocking, on Amazon

Kurt Adler Plaid Stocking with Faux Fur Cuff, on Amazon

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