The Christmas Alphabet: C is for ... Chimney

Christopher Radko "A Spectacular Entrance" Glass Christmas Ornament, on Amazon

Christopher Radko "Down the Chimney" Glass Christmas Ornament, on Amazon

Christopher Radko 2017 "Look Out Below!" Santa and Chimney Ornament, on Amazon

Santa Claus Stuck in the Chimney Funny Costume Hat, on Amazon

"But What If There's No Chimney?" Children's Book, on Amazon

Vintage Napco Santa and Chimney Bobblehead Planter, on Etsy

Airblown Inflatable 6' Santa Claus in Chimney, on Amazon

Santa in Chimney Tinsel Light, from National Tree Company, on Amazon

Vintage Santa and Chimney Porcelain Bank, on Etsy

Santa in Chimney Wine Bottle Stopper, on Amazon

Bucilla Santa and Chimney Completed Christmas Stocking, on Etsy

Nanoblock Santa and Chimney Building Kit, on Amazon

Santa's Visit LEGO Set, on Amazon

Bethany Lowe Santa in Chimney Figure, on Amazon

Gemmy's Santa Coming Down the Chimney Airblown Inflatable, on Amazon

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