Gorgeous and Lavish New Holiday Handbags from Mary Frances

Do you think you love Christmas more than I do? Would you wear one of these very elaborate handbags from Mary Frances? Now you can take Christmas everywhere you go and bring joy to others around you. Perhaps you have a friend who loves Christmas (just as much as me!) and need a gift idea. These are a wonderful accessory to add to your holiday ensemble.

Can you imagine how many things you can store in this "It's a Wrap" holiday bag? You or your friends can store some make up, a small wallet, or your phone in it. It looks like you could even use this as a way to "wrap" your present. The bead-work on the purse itself is so intricate and amazing! This will definitely awe many Christmas enthusiasts as you pass by.

If this "Down the Chimney" holiday Santa jacket handbag were a bit bigger, you could put all your paperwork for the day in it and haul it around. You can still use it for smaller items like a planner or journal. I personally think the whole piece is beautiful and rather fun. I especially enjoy the decorative belt on it, because it is reminiscent of typical features on a purse. I'm sure you noticed how stunning the beads are here, as well!

I am already grinning at the sight of this "Ho Ho Ho" santa Christmas handbag! Don't you love the large shiny gems embedded in his beaded beard? He looks extra magical! This very merry Santa bag is instantly going to put smiles on many people's faces when you show it off. I must admit, I really like the jeweled holly berry that sticks out from his hat.

What was your first impression when seeing these handbags from Mary Frances? I was originally floored and thought to myself "how am I going to pull this off?" There are plenty of ways that these purses can actually add to your outfits this year in wintertime. Plus, people are going to think it's adorable and fantastic! Make sure to comment below!