Five Festive Christmas Holiday Adult Coloring Books

Are you hunting for that clever and fun hostess gift this Holiday Season? I know that I always wait until the last minute to start looking for hostess gifts, but I am determined to begin my Christmas shopping early this year. These fabulous holiday coloring books are designed for grownups. What a great idea during a season when so many of us are feeling extra stress!

The Victorian Christmas Coloring Book is filled with traditional holiday images and is available on

This Classic Christmas coloring book by Matt Loehrer has intricate snow globes, ornaments, Christmas bells and angels that would be perfect for spending a quiet night in with a cup of tea.

This Merry and Bright coloring book is ideal for when my nephews and niece visit us over the holidays and we want to enjoy a quiet activity together.

The Year of Color - A Seasons and Holidays coloring book includes coloring pages for all the holidays throughout the year.

I love the symmetry of the patterns in this Winter Magic book, and I know this one would relax me.

Add one or several of these holiday coloring books to your shopping list and enjoy the peaceful creativity with your family and friends!