Darling Gingerbread House Themed Christmas Advent Calendars

As a kid, I remember one of my favorite parts of December was opening up a door from my advent calendar every day. I couldn't wait to see the treat or candy that hid behind it!

Now I believe it is a fun activity for both parents and kids. Watching the kids eagerly opening each window or door and seeing what kind of surprise awaits is always really exciting.

Check out these adorable gingerbread house advent calendars. Your kids are going to love these - I fell in love at first sight!

This is my favorite gingerbread house advent calendar. It's by Kidkraft. I really enjoy how house really looks like a gingerbread house that we make at home! You can keep tempting treats or cute little notes in each drawer.

Even though this is your pretty standard gingerbread house advent calendar, it's still rather adorable. I love the snowman and snowflakes that decorate the doors. I honestly think the best part about this is it's easy to store for future Christmas's!

Here's a really simple, folksy wooden gingerbread house Advent calendar. Its muted tones might go perfectly in many modern homes. I love that the little windows are shaped like snowflakes!

The bright colors on this wooden gingerbread house advent calendar is amazing. The kids are going to instantly be drawn to it like a moth to the light. If a gingerbread village existed, this is what I imagine their houses looking like! It's by Seasons Designs.

I love the idea of having a gingerbread house party sometime during December. You can make your whole house gingerbread-themed for Christmas and display one of these gingerbread house advent calendars. Which one is your favorite advent calendar? Comment below!