Adorable Handmade Christmas Cross Stitched Ornaments

Have you checked out cross stitched ornaments before? These are some of my favorite decorations because they are easy to take care of. Also, I have plenty that are hand-me-downs from my grandma that I cherish. Someday I'd love to pass them down to the kids in my life. If you are going for a more laid back style for decorating your tree this year check out Regina Stitchery on Etsy. There are many Christmas ornaments you can use as gifts or your own tree!

This is exactly where I would like to be during the holidays. The Christmas country house ornament overlooks a snowy forest with cute animals and a lovely red cabin.

It's cute how on this Christmas cross stitch ornament that the snowman is interacting with the birds. He looks like he's delivering some gifts!

I am totally in love with this green Santa Christmas ornament. I always imagine Santa in the good ol' days wearing green over red! To me, he looks more like a wizard.

This cross stitch primative Santa ornament would be such a great gift for some of the musicians in your family. I didn't realize Santa was so blessed with all of this talent!

Wish all your relatives Merry Christmas with this Christmas tree ornament. It looks like Santa is getting ready to drop his presents off to the cabin in the distance!

I think this rocking horse Christmas cross-stitch ornament is a fun option if you are new parents! If you know someone who just had a baby or will have a Christmas baby, this ornament is an adorable gift!

I love the oblong shape on this Santa Cross Stitch ornament!

I'm so happy to see this Santa's reindeer pillow ornament! Maybe you could get multiple and have Santa's whole crew on your tree.

On this Christmas Santa cross-stitch ornament it looks like he's tip toeing on the roof top. He has a bag of presents (or Christmas tree?) to drop off!

Decorate your tree with these Turtle Doves cross-stitch ornament and sing songs at the same time! I am actually humming the 12 Days of Christmas song right now.

What do you think of these cross-stitch ornaments for tree decorating this year? There are plenty more to choose from by Regina Stitchery on Etsy. Make sure to comment below and let me know which ones are your favorites!