5 Whimsical Christmas Light Sets to Add Joy or Silliness to Your Holiday Season

I'm starting to decorate for Christmas, now that Thanksgiving is past.

These Christmas lights by Kurt Adler would make your tree or house extra festive. They'll perhaps bring some humor and whimsy to your home for the holidays.

No spoilers! Since another new Star Wars Movie is about to be released, I really want to pull off a Star Wars themed house or tree. The Santa Yoda Light Set would be a great way to start. There are 10 plastic Yoda lights in each set.

These Clear Crystal Snowflake Lights are definitely a classic. The set includes 5 snowflake lights that are 12 inches tall. They are cool white LED lights. This multi-faceted clear crystal indoor/outdoor snowflake gives off a soft, cool glow.

Another classic light set would be these Santa Head Lights. I could see my nephews and nieces really liking this particular set! It has Santa Claus with his red and white hat and long white beard.

One of my favorite lights is the Red Candy LED Light Set. My dream would be to make my house look like a gingerbread house. These candy lights would definitely help this dream come true!

Every gingerbread house needs some little gingerbread people to live in it, right? Here's a darling string of Kurt Adler gingerbread men Christmas lights.

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