My Five Favorite 2016 Christmas Ornaments from Hallmark

I am always looking forward to the new ornaments by Hallmark! Take a look at these Christmas ornaments by Hallmark for 2016. Make sure to think about what your top five are - Check out mine!

I think that this "Let It Snow" Christmas ornament is such a classic! It's quite elegant and looks like it was made with frosted glass. I hate to say it, but it definitely reminds me of Disney's Frozen. That's not necessarily a bad thing, since it was a very pretty movie!

Would you want to eat an icy Popsicle on a snowy day? I bet that's a penguin's favorite treat! This "A tasty treat" Christmas ornament is awfully cute. I like how it looks like it is still frosted over with crystals of snow.

This Winter Wonderland Christmas ornament is extraordinarily magical. Not only does it have the look of being a fantasy, but it lights up and makes noises. Plus it moves! It remind those cuckoo clocks that reenact a scene.

I have a friend who loves to get an ornament that marks every year. This "Frosty Fun Decade" Christmas ornament is a wonderful gift idea! The ornament is really cute, which is definitely a bonus.

Do you have a cat that does exactly what the mischievous kitten computer mouse ornament does? I sure do. It just reminds me of an almost daily chore that I have to deal with. I still love my kittens and this ornament!

What do you think of my top five Christmas ornaments by Hallmark for the year of 2016? They're pretty adorable and fun! Comment below and tell us your top five!