Jellybean's Colorful and Cheery Christmas Throw Rugs

Over the last couple years, I've really been enjoying swapping out doormats in my home to match the seasons. I love Jellybean rugs because they're machine washable and affordable! They work well in my muddy, rainy Seattle home - I keep them by the inside of the front door, the inside of the kitchen door, and the inside of the downstairs "dog" patio door.

They're indoor/outdoor rugs, but I don't find them substantial enough to be used outdoors. I use thicker rugs for getting mud or the occasional snow off boots before someone enters my home. I like Jellybean rugs to get the last bit of moisture off someone's shoes when they step inside the door. These doormats are easy to shake out (my dogs drag in pine needles and clumps of grass) and so cute and colorful.

I'm trying to pick a couple to use at Christmastime to make my home more festive and protect my floors from rainy feet and paws! Here are some of my favorites:

Here's a Jellybean rug showing Santa with peppermint candy!

I'm tempted to put this Star Gazing Santa by the back door - That's the way we go outdoors to see the stars at night. (The front has too many trees, a good problem to have!)

Here's a nice way to keep your home festive but not be in-your-face Christmasy the whole season: The Jellybean Winter White rug.

These Caroling Snowmen are just adorable!

This Jellybean throw rug depicts a whimsical Reindeer Cat.

The Jolly Jingle rug shows Christmas trees in festive red and green colors.

Is this Santa With Presents rug creepy or cute?

I like this Jolly Santa doormat better.

This Reindeer is wearing a striped scarf.

The last festive doormat I want to show you is Holiday Joy.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!