My Five Favorite Christopher Radko Ornaments for Christmas 2015

Christmas is less than two weeks away and I feel like I haven't done anything to spruce up my house! Yet alone my bare tree that's just sitting here!

I've always been a fan of Christopher Radko and his ornaments, so I went to check out what he had in store for the 2015 holidays.

This super adorable Munchkin Santa Ornament reminds me of ice cream! It stands 8 inches tall. Like all of Christopher Radko's ornaments, it's hand painted and blown in Europe. He's definitely one of my favorites for this year's ornaments!

ven though this doesn't represent Christmas a whole lot, it's still one of my favorites because it would be perfect for my sister. She had her first baby girl and I think this ornament would be so cute for her to have as a gift. The Tip Top Teddy Girl Christmas Ornament is about 5.5" tall. It shows the year "2015" in blocks which would be very cute for a baby's first ornament.

This happy little Year To Give Snowman Christmas Ornament is just darling. It also stands about 5.5" and weighs about 12.8 ounces. I like it as a general ornament, if you're one of those people that has an ornament representing every year. This one would be my pick!

I really love panda bears, which means this Pandy-cane Ornament has a special place in my heart. The name itself is really just too much, I almost put it in my cart without any thought. It's one of the smaller ornaments standing 5" tall. I love the delicate art on this particular ornament too. It's simplistic, but also the small things, like blush on the cheeks, make it more special.

Finally, something a little different than the others listed: I really love the Crescent Christmas Presents Santa Glass Christmas Ornament. It has a very unique take on the typical Santa figure, but uses a the classic crescent moon style. It stands about 5 inches tall. It is a very pretty ornament, with the presents stashed in Santa's beard. A very good choice for my tree!

All of these ornaments are shipped with a gift box, so they would be wonderful for gifting too!