Festive Christmas Teas to Bring as Hostess Gifts This Holiday Season

What a perfect morning for a warm cup of holiday tea. It was brisk enough outside to even start a fire! Honestly, some of my favorite moments of the season are when I curl up next to a fire with a perfect blend of tea and read a book!

You know who has some of the best tea blends? STASH! I kind of have a tea addiction, but hey I'm human right? I'd like to share with you some of my favorite holiday blends.

Oh my guilty pleasure, Red Velvet Tea! I try not to overindulge in actual desserts, so tea is a great substitute for my sweet tooth. Red velvet happens to be one of my favorite desserts, so I really can't get enough of this tea blend. It is caffeine free, which means I can drink it all day! The box includes 18 tea bags, but I would need at least two or three boxes to last me a month. Don't tell!

The White Christmas Tea is a pretty great option as well. I call this my "Stomach Meds!" It's a nice blend of cool peppermint and ginger. It always makes me feel better if I have an upset stomach. Since it has caffeine in it, some people would disagree with my medicinal comment, but there's not nearly enough caffeine for me! This box of tea also includes 18 tea bags.

This Morning Christmas Blend is a blend of black and green tea. It also has a sweet and smokey flavor. The Jasmine fragrance is very prominent, but it's not overwhelming.

Personally, I like traditional Chai Tea and this Holiday Chai Black Tea is no exception. It contains all the same typical Indian flavors like cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, etc, but it has a nice gingerbread and rum twist that makes this tea exceptional. I find that this tea is best with cream and sugar (or honey!).

This Christmas Eve Blend has all the flavors of the holidays you would ever need. It is a wonderful caffeine free herbal blend of mint and sweet spices like chai. It's refreshing, but warms the body. This Christmas Eve Blend has 18 tea packages.

Lastly, there is this refreshing holiday tea, Merry Mint. This is a blend of organic green tea and spearmint, peppermint, ginger root, lemongrass and wintergreen oil. After a long week of holiday preparations and heavy food, I like to wake up after Christmas Day and heat up a hot cup of mint tea. It's like having my own personal restart, a little before the New Year!

What are some of your favorite holiday teas?