5 Fun Christmas Shaped Pastas for Kids

On many holidays I have wanted to make things a little easier on myself. Pasta dishes are super easy, but they rarely have a holiday feel. Also, I know my nieces and nephews would prefer simple macaroni and cheese over a spinach salad with glazed walnuts, cranberries, and all that jazz. This is why I wanted to share these little gems!

Since there are many food allergies out there, I also want to note that these are all made with egg and wheat.

This Santa's Workshop Novelty Shaped Pasta would be really cute to serve to the kids on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! It is a 14 ounce bag with a mix of red, green, and traditional pasta. The shapes in these bags are trains, bears, and bicycles a very cute reminder of what Santa has been working on all this time!

Another pasta option is the North Pole Express Novelty Pasta! This particular bag has trains, snowflakes, and snowmen, all things in the North Pole. This comes in a 14 ounce bag with green and traditional colored pasta.

Out of all of these, the Snow Days Novelty Pasta is my favorite package. It, too, is 14 ounces of mixed colored pasta (green and traditional). I like this one for holiday parties especially because it isn't overly "Christmasy", but still celebrates the fun activities during winter. It's a very cute pasta mix with snowmen and snowflakes.

The Reindeer Pasta has been a success for me in the past with some of the picky children I take care of! How I love them dearly. I think the thought that it is reindeer shaped somehow made pesto much more tasty! This is also a 14 ounce bag with mixed colored pastas.

Finally, I think the Christmas Tree Novelty Shaped Pasta would be a great hit during any Christmas party. Not only that, it would also be easy for you too! It is also 14 ounces of multi-colored pasta, featuring just a simple tree design. I'm thinking about actually buying this particular bag this year and attempting a pasta salad! I think it would be a fun one!

Happy shopping everyone! Don't forget, Christmas is just around the corner!

Let me know what you think of the pastas down below!