Meri Meri's Festive and Fun Christmas Crackers

Last year I was shocked to run into a family who had never heard of the Christmas Cracker tradition! I introduced them to the concept, and want to be sure to remind them this year by sending them another set to open up on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. I'll probably choose one from my favorite party decorations company, Meri Meri.

Here are some I'm looking at:

The "Nutcrackers" set includes eight crackers, each of which comes with a whistle, a hat, a joke, and a music sheet.

These are my favorite - Meri Meri's Little Elf Crackers. You get six crackers, each containing a small gift, a small hat and a joke.

These colorful Tassel crackers come with cookie cutters as well as the typical paper hat and joke.

These Pom Pom crackers are a bit silly, but I like them because they seem a bit retro. My mom did a lot of crafty stuff with pompoms in the 1960s and early 1970s.

This set of Meri Meri Christmas crackers are decorated with fringe on the ends. I love the festive words printed on them!

This set of Very Merry Christmas crackers comes with little stick on moustaches. Super silly!

I feel like the "Jolly Santa" in this set of Christmas crackers actually looks quite stern.

"Merry and Bright" is cute and colorful, but way too expensive as Christmas crackers go.

Happy cracking!