LEGO's Fun and Festive Christmas Holiday Sets

I am having such a hard time deciding which Christmas-themed LEGO set to splurge on this year. They're all so temptingly fun looking. Here are some of the sets I'm choosing between:

I love baking so the LEGO Creator Holiday Bakery is extra tempting to me. The set comes with 7 mini figures, including a chef with the most darling wee chef's' hat. This set also comes with a snow owl and a horse. I had no idea these sets could light up - this one has a light-up brick which lights the interior of the bakery when you push it. Cool!

Next is this Limited Edition Holiday set from 2013:

It might be small compared to the LEGO Creator Holiday bakery set, but the LEGO Creator Tree Stand is cute! I like the fact that it's very unique as it's a tree stand. It comes with all sorts of mini tools such as a tool rack or a broom!

This one admittedly is quite elaborate...

Why get something small when the LEGO Winter Village Market has everything? It has a little baker shop, candy store, and even a carousel! There are 7 mini-figures, a cat, a snowman. Plus there are plenty of holiday decorations in this particular set like lamps with wreaths on them.

Even though the latter is quite phenomenal, my inner five year old has some intense feelings for this particular set.

I love toy shops. They bring back so many awesome memories and the LEGO Creator Winter Toy Shop is no different. It's just more portable! It's filled with tools and of course has an assortment of toys like a teddy bear and train. It has 7 mini-figures, like most of the sets. The really cool part about this set is that the building actually lights up inside! It just reminds me of a classic toy store that I would waltz into during winter time!

You might be wondering why this one even made the list, because who even likes the post office?

The LEGO Creator Winter Village Post Office is seriously complex. It's really cool and has lots to offer. It would be awesome to have if you already have a little Santa village, so now people can send little letters to Santa. Again it has 7 mini-figures, but it looks as if you can make your own mail truck. You can have musicians playing outside, people sending their letters, or people sitting in front of a fire place. It's just a very unique set and to me the most clever.

I'm noticing that as I'm writing I'm justifying how great each one is, which makes this whole process even more difficult!

The LEGO Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage is another that makes me reminisce. I feel like this one has a lot of movement and character. There are so many activities to do, like sledding, snow plowing, people are even working. There are 8 mini figures in this particular set and they range from having kids to a grandpa. There are also, of course a bunch of accessories including kitchen appliances which makes this one very diverse. I could have it with some of my other Lego sets and it won't stand out like a sore thumb necessarily. Lastly, the fire place actually glows! It is the little things that count.

Finally, because I love Christmas, this one is the big one.

You can't have a Christmas set without Santa can you? The LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Workshop is so cute! I can have Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, 4 reindeer, a BABY reindeer, elves!? What is not to love? Also, it lights up and has a stained glass window.

I can't get over all of these LEGO items that light up! They are all so interesting and intricate, it's embarrassing how hard it is for me to make a decision. Yes... this is, in fact, for myself.

Let me know what you think! Help me out guys!