Hilarious Men's Christmas Shirts from Faux Real

Looking for something humorous to wear to your company party, or perhaps your in-laws' house? Try one of these printed t-shirts from Faux Real. Because they're not actually sweaters, they give you less bulk. That means you can hide these monstrosities under your jacket until you're ready to reveal yourself.

Here are some of my favorite Faux Real shirts for men:

"Weiner Wonderland"

"Hairy Belly Poinsettia"

"Ugly Frisky Deer Sweater"

Faux Real Men's Santa Shirt

Faux Real Men's Christmas Elf Shirt

"Elves Gone Wild"

Faux Real "Ugly Christmas Cardigan with Tie"

"Ugly Long Sleeve Candy Canes" Shirt

Ugly Santa Printed Tee