Hilarious Christmas Opposuits for Humorous Festive Holiday Pranksters

I think it would be hilarious for a guy to show up at a holiday party dressed in one of these purposely obnoxious OppoSuits! It would either majorly entertain co-workers, or horrify deservingly snotty in-laws.

The "Christmaster" OppoSuit features a red background with white snowmen and green Christmas trees. This festive monstrosity is also available on eBay.

This OppoSuit is called "The Rudolph." It features Nordic style white reindeer and snowflakes on a blue background. You can also purchase the Rudolph OppoSuit on eBay.

The "Treemendous" OppoSuit features vintage retro style Christmas trees in green and white. It's also sold via eBay.

The Snowflake OppoSuit works for Hanukkah celebrations too. You can also find it on eBay.