Festive Christmas Throw Rugs and Doormats from Jellybean

I live in rainy Seattle, in a busy household with visitors coming and going, two dogs, a cat, and two dogs that come over for playdates. Thus, I have throw rugs and mats in front of and behind each of the three entrances to my home.

I really love Jellybean rugs - they're washable! They probably couldn't stand up to a climate with heavy snowm or massive amounts of mud, but here with our mostly wet leaves and rain puddles, they do just fine. They aren't the right texture for scraping your boots, so I keep sturdier rugs on the outside of my home. These Jellybean rugs are nice and soft for stocking feet when I'm standing in the doorway trying to call my dogs back in from outside.

They're inexpensive enough, and store easily enough, to swap them in and out seasonally. So today I'm shopping for a couple festive Christmasy ones for the upcoming holiday season. Here are a few that are tempting me:

Frosty Snowman and Presents Rug

Winter Owl Rug

Winter White Trees Rug

Holiday Joy Rug

Poinsettia Rug

Kitty Cat and Present Rug

Scottie Dog and Christmas Lights Rug

Happy shopping!