Vintage Collectible Matchless Stars

My current fascination is with Matchless Stars, manufactured from the mid 1930s to the late 1940s. So pretty! I think my grandmother had a few on her tree. Here are some of my favorite finds from eBay and Etsy!

Rosette Matchless Star, on Etsy

Green and Purple C6 Matchless Star

White and Amber C7 Illumibrite Matchless Star

Illumibrite C6 Pink and Cobalt Blue Matchless Star

Red and Green Illumibrite C6 Matchless Star

Yellow and Blue C7 Matchless Star

Red and Clear C6 Matchless Star

Orange and Cobalt C6 Matchless Star

Purple and Amber C6 Illumibrite Matchless Star

View more beautiful vintage Matchless Stars on eBay.

Watch a video about Matchless Stars here:


Matchless Stars at Old Christmas Tree

Repairing Matchless Stars