My 7 Current Favorite Vintage Christmas Blow Mold Lights

I am so entranced with this Santa Claus and Snow Queen blow mold set! So unusual for Santa to be wearing blue/green instead of red and white! The Snow Queen is stunning, too.

This smiling elf is just too cute. He's from the 1960s.

Here's a sweet singing angel from the mid-century.

This double set of carolers seems to go with the angel!

There are tons of vintage Santa Claus blow molds out there. This one is my favorite because his eyes look to the side. It makes him look rather jaunty or almost flirty!

I think this blow mold depicting a family of Victorian carolers is really charming. I love that it includes a lit lamp post!

For a minute there I was worried this rare Santa Star blow mold had something to do with the Carl's Junior logo, but I guess not.