Cute Collectible Antique Christmas Elf Cookie Jars

This cheerful elf cookie jar dates from 1958.

This poor homely little elf has freckles. He dates from the 1970s.

This yellow elf cookie jar is my favorite so far. So darling! It comes with matching salt and pepper shakers.

These pixie elves wear green leaves on their heads. The set includes an elf head cookie jar, sugar and creamer.

This dimpled elf cookie jar has a beige and white color scheme.

Here's an unusual cookie jar in which the elf is sitting on top! It's from the 1950s.

This elf cookie jar wears a festive red cap.

This whimsical winking elf cookie jar made me chuckle.

I love the ruddy red cheeks on this elf cookie jar.

This mid-century modern pixie elf cookie jar has a hideous orange, yellow and white cap.

This schoolhouse elf cookie jar isn't in the greatest condition, but I wanted you to see it as it's so different from the other collectible elf cookie jars.