Santa Claus and Other Mascot Costumes for Christmas Frivolity

Wouldn't it be fun to knock on a friend's door on Christmas Eve wearing this Santa Claus mascot costume? The head looks really big and uncomfortable, but the look on their faces would be worth your discomfort! Made by Forum Novelties, it's also offered on Amazon.

This elf mascot costume looks quite cheerful and.. dare I say.. right jolly? This mascot costume is also sold on eBay.

I really don't like this Parade Pleasers elf mascot costume. It's too creepy! If you really are intent on wearing it, though, it's also sold on Amazon.

The Parade Pleaser Santa mascot costume also weirds me out.

The Snowman Mascot costume cheers me up - he looks so friendly! This costume is also sold on Amazon.

Here's a nice comfy looking plush reindeer mascot costume. It's for sale on eBay too.