Nordicware Holiday Baking Pans for Christmastime Treats

I really like this Christmas mini loaves pan because you can make several small loaves to gift neighbors and friends. They won't be overwhelmed with an obnoxiously huge cake, and you can spread Christmas cheer to more people this way.

I like using this festive gingerbread bundt pan to make a big centerpiece for my Christmas dessert table!

I love, love, love this cozy village baking pan. Each little cake house is slightly different, so you can decorate them in varying ways and make an entire cute winter village. Plus, this way everybody gets their own little mini cake to gobble up!

Or here's a cute gingerbread house duet pan for making just two little house-shaped cakes.

Is baking a Yule log a tradition in your home? If so, this Yule Log cake pan makes it easy. Or start a new tradition with your kids!

This Nordicware Snowflake Pan is great because it's not specifically Christmas themed - you can keep using it throughout the winter for festive treats.

This Christmas tree Bundt pan is my least favorite. I just think it's a little boring. But you might like the way the trees look, dusted with "snow" (powdered sugar).

The Nordicware Santa cake pan is a double-sided mold so you can bake a figural Santa cake.

Imagine all the ways you could decorate this snowman cake!

This cake pan helps you make a 3D Christmas tree cake that stands up on a plate.

Or perhaps you prefer a flat tree that lays on the plate, so you'd want this cake pan.

For a merry holiday breakfast, use this Christmas mini muffin tin to make star, tree and present-shaped muffins.

Happy holiday baking!