Fun 3-D Christmas Paper Puzzles for Holiday Family Nights

The CubicFun Christmas Accessory Shop has just 46 pieces. It's designed so that kids can easily put it together. I love that it comes with a little light you can use to illuminate it at night!

The CubicFun Christmas Candy Sweet House has 56 pieces - just a bit more complicated. It also comes with a light. The little paper Santa is cute! Also available on eBay.

The CubicFun Christmas Castle is super colorful! It's also sold on eBay.

The Christmas House, by Puzz3D, features a little paper Santa and a little paper snowman. It's also sold on Amazon.

This cute Christmas gingerbread house puzzle is probably too difficult for children - it has over 400 pieces! It's also by Puzz3D, and is sold on eBay.

This Santa's Workshop 3D puzzle is a vintage one from 1994.

Stockbridge at Christmas is a puzzle based on a Norman Rockwell painting. It's also available on eBay.