Festive Shaped Pastas for Christmas Meals

I don't generally serve pasta (unless it's lasagna) for my Christmas Eve or Christmas Day family meals. But in the month of December, I like to serve festive shaped holiday pastas. Sometimes I'm reluctant to cover them up with sauce, whether tomato or alfredo. I want the cute shapes to show up! So then I make a cold pasta salad with them, lightly dressed with clear Italian or white balsamic dressing. However, who really wants to eat a cold pasta salad in the middle of winter? So then I switch to a nice cheesy macaroni and cheese preparation that will still show off the pasta's shapes.

Miles Kimball Christmas Tree Pasta, on Amazon

Snowman Shaped Pasta, on Amazon

Gingerbread Man Pasta, on Amazon

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Naughty or Nice? Santa and Presents Shaped Pasta, on Amazon

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And for your Jewish friends:

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