Christmas Themed Baby Bunting and Costumes for the Holidays

This elf baby bunting comes with a jingle bell on the top that would worry me as a choking hazard. I might remove it before putting this on Baby.

This baby elf bunting is a bit more stylized and elaborate.

And here's another baby elf costume that isn't a bunting.

This adorable candy cane bunting costume could cause even more aunties and grandmas to want to eat the baby up!

Here's another costume that might cause Baby to be eaten up - gingerbread baby bunting!

This is my favorite I think - the Snowbaby bubble body costume. So cute!

Here's the "Reindeer Rascal" jumpsuit costume.

This Reindeer bunting seems really boring now in comparison!

Oh how precious - Christmas angel bunting!

This Santa bunting looks so snuggly!

This polar bear bunting has a jaunty red cap on the top of the polar bear's head.

They'd probably sell more of these Christmas tree baby buntings if the baby model didn't look so cranky about having to wear it!