Christmas Cake Pop and Cookie Kits

Fun kits that help kids (or bored, cocktail-swilling grownups!) make pretty treats for the holidays.

This kit lets you make Bumble cake pops, based on the Abominable Snow Monster character from the Rankin Bass Rudolph TV special.

You can make gingerbread man cake pops using this kit from In the Mix.

I'm not sure I have the icing/decorating skills to do justice to this Snoopy's Holiday House Cookie Baking Kit, but maybe you do!

Here's a gingerbread Snoopy's dog house kit, as well.

This holiday train kit is from Rice Krispies.

Or if you prefer a gingerbread train, here's a Christmas gingerbread train kit.

Or the Christmas gingerbread sleigh kit is a more unusual choice. Fun!

If you're tired of traditional gingerbread house kits, why not switch to a gingerbread Christmas tree kit?

And here's a kit for making gingerbread children cookies to dance around your gingerbread tree!

This wreath cookie kit is my absolute favorite. How festive and cute!

Here's a red-and-white Snowflakes cake pop kit.

This is hilarious! Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie kit. This would be fun to set out at a cocktail party.

Here's a silly one: Melty Snowmen Cookie Kit.