Cardboard Holiday Fireplace Decorations

I'm lucky enough to have two fireplaces - one gas, one wood. But in past years, people in warm climates or people without fireplaces, would set up cardboard fireplaces as part of their Christmas decorations. Whether or not they could support the weight of stockings is another story. Imagine the anticipation of the children in a household as their parents brought out the decorative fireplace and began to set it up!

I love that this cardboard Christmas fireplace lights up - and that it's so glittery!

This vintage Toymaster cardboard fireplace is an astonishing nine feet tall! Check out the cool vintage artwork on its original box, too.

Here's an inexpensive modern cardboard fireplace. Not very fancy - I'd want to staple paper or real Christmas stockings to it! It's also available on Amazon.

Here's another, much smaller, vintage Toymaster fireplace, and another one like it.

This 1960s cardboard fireplace is by Gersten.

"Pam's Holiday Hearth" looks to be from the 1970s.

This cardboard Christmas fireplace is called "E Z Do."

If you like to take your own Christmas photos at home, here's a Christmas fireplace Standee holiday photography background prop.