Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Squishmallows Christmas Plush Pillows

I just ran across these adorable Squishmallow plush pillows. They measure 8" and are perfect for hugging while you watch your favorite Lifetime or Hallmark Christmas movies on the couch.

The Squishmallows Santa (via Amazon) features a jaunty hat.

The Squishmallows elf (via Amazon) wears a belt and buckle like Santa's.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Sur la Table's Spice-Themed Holiday Candles

Sur la Table is a legendary local Seattle high-end cooking store. I try not to walk in there very often, so I won't blow my nest egg shopping for their incredible cookware.

However, I might pop in to grab a couple of their holiday spice-scented candles. White Peppercorn, for instance, sounds intriguing and refreshing. It comes in a glass jar candle, travel tin, and a mercury glass votive filled with the White Peppercorn fragrance.

Another tempting spice-themed candle fragrance is Sur la Table's Cardamom Spice, a holiday candle that comes in a travel tin, mercury glass candle holder, and glass jar candle.

I might burn these in the kitchen, where herb and spice scents are welcomed, but probably not in my dining room, where I don't want fragrances interfering with the taste of the food and wine I'm serving my guests!

Monday, December 10, 2018

New Gingerbread Houses Based on the 2018 Grinch Christmas Movie

Just after Thanksgiving, I took several of my nephews to see the 2018 "The Grinch" Christmas movie. We really had fun seeing it together, so I was thinking of picking up some Grinch movie themed gifts for them for the rest of the holiday season. Check out this intricate "Gingerbread cookie kit" based on the Who-Ville Christmas town from the film.

You can buy the Who-Ville gingerbread house on Amazon.

There's also a Grinch-themed gingerbread house kit that comes with a gummy Grinch, but it isn't much different than any old regular gingerbread house. I'd prefer the Who-Ville house above!

Hallmark's 2018 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Itty Bitty Plush Toys

I wanted to show you these absolutely adorable plush toys from Hallmark's 2018 Itty Bittys collection. They're a tribute to the classic 1964 animated children's Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. These would make perfect stocking stuffers or even gift wrap embellishments!

Itty Bitty Rudolph, via Amazon

Itty Bitty Sam the Snowman, via Amazon

Itty Bitty Dolly the Misfit Doll, on Amazon

Itty Bitty Bumble, via Amazon

You can also shop for Hallmark's 2018 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Itty Bittys on eBay.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Silly Santa Paper Plates and Napkins for Christmastime Entertaining

These cute and festive paper plates and coordinating napkins are "Silly Santa," from C.R. Gibson. I love the candy cane style stripes!

I'm having a Holiday Open House the weekend before Christmas, and I think I'd better pick up a couple packs of these plates and napkins to make my after-party cleanup so much easier!

Cozy Build-It-Yourself Christmas Gingerbread Kits from Wilton

I'm not going to lie, I am getting sort of sick of decorating the same old gingerbread houses every Christmastime. They all seem to be the same shape and complexity level, with the only different thing about them being the frosting and candies you use to decorate them. I might have skipped this yearly ritual at my house this year, but then I discovered some fun new products from Wilton for the 2018 Christmas holiday season.

For a break from the typical gingerbread house, how about Wilton's Build-it-Yourself Gingerbread Cabin kit? It reminds me of rental cabins near ski areas such as the festive town of Leavenworth in Washington State.

I absolutely adore Wilton's new Gingerbread Scene: Fireplace build-it-yourself kit. The kit includes the edible brick chimney, several "lit" candles for the top of the mantel, and an edible frosting Christmas tree.

Wilton also offers this darling Build-it-Yourself Santa's Workshop Scene gingerbread kit. The kit includes an edible sugar Santa, an edible elf, a tree and some wrapped presents.

You can also shop for Wilton's Build-it-Yourself kits on eBay.

Happy decorating!

Jellycat's Darling Plush Santa and Elves Stuffed Holiday Toys

I wanted to show you these adorable plush Christmas holiday toys from Jellycat. They're great for gifting to small babies and toddlers, but I also like to buy them for myself to decorate my mantel, alcove, and the top of bookcases. These are so cute, soft and sweet! They're new for 2018 and let's take a look:

Jellycat's "Leffy Elf" is an adorable little fellow with a jaunty red cap and candy cane striped stockings. His coat is trimmed with white "fur" and his darling red boots are adorned with white pompoms.

"Leffy Elf" comes in sizes Medium (14 inches tall) and Large (20 inches tall).

He's also available on eBay.

I just fell in love with Jellycat's "Berry Santa." He's so adorable! He wears a pointy red plush hat topped with a pompom, and check out the red satin bow trimming his beard! Berry Santa comes in a Medium 13" size or a Large 22" size. I want one of each!

You can also find Berry Santa for sale on eBay.

If you like, you can give Santa and the elves a little plush friend, "Bashful Reindeer." The reindeer comes in a small 7" size, as well as in the 12" Medium size. Bashful Reindeer is also for sale via eBay.

After Christmas and New Year's have passed, I like to take down all my green and red decorations and replace them with white, silver and gold. I put away the festive Christmas decor and replace it with pristine white "Winter Wonderland" themed decorations. This Snowflake Santa, also by Jellycat, is perfect for my mantel for that time of year (January through late February).

"Snowflake Santa" is also available for sale on eBay.

Snowflake Santa needs his elf sidekick, so here's "Snowflake Elf," standing 14 inches tall. I love his gold lame striped stockings and gold boots! You can shop for the Snowflake Elf on eBay as well.

Happy holiday shopping!