Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christopher Radko's Gorgeous and Glittery Teapot Themed Christmas Ornaments

Don't you love snuggling up by the fire and sipping on a hot cup of tea? It's even better with a book in hand and under some blankets!

I am a bit of a tea fiend, so these sparkling Christmas teapot ornaments by Christopher Radko are fantastic for decorating. They are jolly, whimsical, and stunning!

A teapot like this Candy Cane Kettle ornament looks as if it came from a fairy tale. Those holly berries look like little pieces of candy as they glimmer in the light! My absolute favorite thing about the Candy Cane Kettle is that it is a unique color scheme. That type of green mixed with teal and red is so interesting, but it works!

If only grandma's house looked like this candy & gingerbread house teapot Christmas ornament. That would be a magical and very sweet experience. I suppose a teapot shaped candy home ornament will suffice! Since it is so colorful, I'm sure it'll work well with any Christmas tree decor.

Don't forget that any of these would make for a great gift for a friend or family member who is a tea lover! What do you think of these glittery gems? Make sure to comment below and tell me what your thoughts are!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Gorgeous and Whimsical Elf Christmas Stockings from Christine Grenier

If you're looking for something a little different for Christmas decorations, this is the place to shop: Christine Grenier's Elf Stockings shop.

One of the most important things to set up is your stockings. How is Santa going to drop off his presents without stockings? I am amazed by how stunning these Christmas elf stockings are. They're useful and magical both!

I really think that this Artanis Elf stocking in gold and red is the perfect Christmas stocking. It looks like it came straight from Christmas Town! The gold fabric that is scalloped along the leg is pretty. Don't you think it's cute how the toe curls up and points upward?

All I can think is this Paladin elf stocking is meant for dad! It even reminds me of those black formal socks my grandfather used to wear when we would go out to fancy dinners. Probably my favorite feature of this stocking is the little bell on the end.

This Cadet elf stocking looks like something grandma would make, do you agree? To me, it looks a little like patchwork. I absolutely adore the gold and red plaid fabric that was used. The burgundy tassels hanging from the top are precious too!

If I could wear these Winter Morning elf stockings rather than hang them up I would. They look very comfortable! I am intrigued by the striped ivory satin edged fabric. It definitely reminds me of a snowy morning. All you want to do is slip into your pajamas and slippers with a cup of hot cocoa to watch the snow fall.

What you could do this year is have a very majestic Christmas! You could hang these Gold Pixie elf stockings above your fireplace and decorate your house in gold and ivory. If you have any princesses or queens in your family, they would adore having this as their personal stocking!

I bet one of your mischievous kids would love to have this Secret Sylph stocking hanging above the fireplace. If an elf ever wore these they would have to be super careful because of all the bells lined on the front. The black ribbon on the end wrapping around the silver embroidery is really pretty. If you look carefully you can see vine leaves on the burgundy damask fabric.

This exceptional Winter Garden elf stocking is so elegant! I can already imagine little elves in your garden wearing boots like these when snow covers the ground. It's easier to camouflage and stay beautiful that way. These remind me of how my backyard looks when it is covered in snow. I think even Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen would wear these if given the chance.

I can imagine just about anyone enjoying these Let it Snow elf stockings? Not only are they festive and merry, but very homey. The snowman fabric on the very top is very cute and reminds me of my grandmother. The patchwork isn't as sophisticated as the one above, but I think I prefer it that way. Christmas doesn't need to be dazzling, rather it should bring joy to us all!

These Christmas elf stockings by Christine Grenier on Etsy are wonderful. They are full of Christmas spirit, love, and joy. All have different elements of winter that we can all relate to. Plus there's enough variety that everyone in the family can have their own unique stocking! Make sure to comment below and tell me which of these are your favorite.

Coming Soon - Darling New Christmas Themed Board Books for Babies

Pass the time with these Christmas themed board books for babies this holiday season. It's a great way to take a break from holiday cooking and spend some quality time with the kids. Here are some of the newer books coming out this year!

I have a feeling this book is not only going to be fun for your little one, but probably you too. The Not So Silent Night board book features noises that you can baby can imitate together. These illustrations are vibrant and very cute for the holidays.

This Shiny Shapes: The Christmas Star board book looks really pretty! What a wonderful way to teach babies about shapes and textures. As you can see, this isn't exclusively for Christmas - you can read it throughout wintertime and still have fun.

Your kids are going to love the cute little animals in this Home for Christmas board book. You can read this to them on Christmas day after they have opened up their presents or stockings.

Make the ABC's more fun with this The ABCs of Christmas board book. This sparkly and joyous book is going to keep your kids' attention! Cuddle up next to the fire and go through the ABC's Christmas style this year.

I would love to read this Bizzy Bear: Christmas Helper board book during Christmas Eve. I know a few of my nieces and nephews who would love to hang out with Auntie and read this!

Which of these Christmas themed board books do you think your babies would enjoy the most? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Holiday Salt and Pepper Shakers from Lenox

I can't decide which of these darling Lenox salt and pepper shakers to put on my holiday feast table this year! Take a look at some of my favorites:

Lenox Holiday Carved Holiday Toys Hanging Salt & Pepper

Lenox Holiday Santa & Tree Salt & Pepper Set

Holiday Santa & Mrs. Claus Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Holiday Salt & Pepper in Ivory

Lenox Santa & Train Holiday Salt and Pepper Set

Checking it Twice Holiday Salt & Pepper Set

You can also find other lovely salt and pepper sets from Lenox on eBay.

5 Whimsical Christmas Light Sets to Add Joy or Silliness to Your Holiday Season

I'm starting to decorate for Christmas, now that Thanksgiving is past.

These Christmas lights by Kurt Adler would make your tree or house extra festive. They'll perhaps bring some humor and whimsy to your home for the holidays.

No spoilers! Since another new Star Wars Movie is about to be released, I really want to pull off a Star Wars themed house or tree. The Santa Yoda Light Set would be a great way to start. There are 10 plastic Yoda lights in each set.

These Clear Crystal Snowflake Lights are definitely a classic. The set includes 5 snowflake lights that are 12 inches tall. They are cool white LED lights. This multi-faceted clear crystal indoor/outdoor snowflake gives off a soft, cool glow.

Another classic light set would be these Santa Head Lights. I could see my nephews and nieces really liking this particular set! It has Santa Claus with his red and white hat and long white beard.

One of my favorite lights is the Red Candy LED Light Set. My dream would be to make my house look like a gingerbread house. These candy lights would definitely help this dream come true!

Every gingerbread house needs some little gingerbread people to live in it, right? Here's a darling string of Kurt Adler gingerbread men Christmas lights.

Check out more of Kurt Adler's Christmas lights on Amazon!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Cheerful and Festive Snowflake Quilt for Your Guestroom During the Holidays

Get ready for the holiday season by redecorating your house. One of the first things I change out is my bedding. I especially want my guest room to be welcoming, festive and Christmasy!

Take a look at this snowflake red and green Christmas quilt set on Amazon.

Don't you love how colorful it is? Not only that, but it's really artistic. It's interesting how it looks like there are several wreaths overlapping each other. I definitely enjoy the stylized snowflake in the center of every square.

What do you think of this snowflake red and green Christmas quilt set? It will keep your guests warm during this really cold winter coming up! Make sure to comment below!

Chalkboard Style Funny Christmas Wine Glasses from Grasslands Road

Here's some suggestions for the enthusiastic imbiber in your life! Humorous wine glasses from Grasslands Road. Check them out:

Grasslands Road Holiday Cheers Wine

Grasslands Road Holiday Cheers Wine Glass

Grasslands Road - Christmas - Wine Glass

Grasslands Road - Christmas - Wine Glass - (Naughty List)

Santa Mustache Christmas Wine Glass By Grasslands Road

I would gift these along with a nice festive bottle of red wine, of course!